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Psychological Testing

Individualized Assessment by our Management Coaches

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360° Multi Rater Feedback Appraisals


This type of assessment uses either a standardized or customized survey instrument to measure aspects of leadership skills, soliciting input about a range of management behaviors and aptitudes from those who observe these behaviors and aptitudes in the workplace setting.  360° instruments are tools for creating an opinion research database that assist the client and our consulting team identify areas for individuals’ leadership improvement. 

360° instruments can be developed in tandem with organizational clients, as part of a process through which the most pertinent and valued leadership dimensions are selected for the survey from a wide range of options.  Alternatively, a more standardized instrument can be selected which offers an opportunity to compare results to many other companies who use the same instrument.  Our firm has also developed an instrument that focuses primarily on the six “building block” skills within our firm’s “SOLID People Management Pyramid” model described in the book, The People Management Formula.  Through Work & People Solutions’ participation in the EQ At Work network, pre- validated 360° multi-rater assessment instruments are available for use in measuring managers’ emotional intelligence.


Individuals are rated on the chosen measures by their supervisor(s), peers and direct reports, i.e., the 360° feedback group that encircles them at work.  The 360° multi-rater feedback project can be administered either in “hard copy” or over the Internet.  Work & People Solutions has a partnership with Pilat NAI, Inc., a leading Internet service bureau/ database administrator of 360° assessment projects.  The Internet method that Pilat NAI, Inc. administers is easy to complete, convenient and accessible.  Specially assigned User IDs and Passwords are developed for particular organizational clients.  After all raters’ log on and provide their input, individuals are able to receive almost instantaneously - via an e-mail attachment - an automated report of the ratings they received.  Report findings are summarized in an easy-to-understand bar graph format.


Sponsoring organizations may also elect to have an aggregate report of all findings within the overall 360° project, to help assess trends and common problem areas within the organization as a whole.  These organization-wide findings can assist in the development of subsequent management training and strategic organizational development initiatives.


Psychological Testing

Work & People Solutions facilitates an Internet-based psychological testing program that offers organizations and individuals an opportunity to gain greater self-awareness about a number of important aspects of their psychological, personality and leadership traits.  In partnership with psychologists at feedbackshop.com, --  our firm provides the means to allow individuals to self-administer a number of valuable tests that are commonly used in industry to assist individuals and organizations implement psychological assessment studies.


Among the tests that Work & People Solutions’ consultants often recommend are:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

California Psychological Inventory (CPI)

Thomas Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument

Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior (FIRO-B)



Individualized Assessment by our Management Coaches

In addition to the data collected through 360° surveys and psychological testing, our consultants conduct individualized assessment interviews to evaluate a range of factors, from an understanding of the client’s career path and aspirations, dynamics involved in their current position, levels of personal stress, family/marital issues, coping mechanisms, the quality of a client’s social/professional support network and other issues.  This dynamic individual assessment is combined with the data and findings from other assessment activities to develop a more comprehensive and personalized evaluation of each client.  Our firm’s multi-faceted assessments serve as the basis for the training/development plan we develop for each client. 



Employee and/or Customer Surveys

Employee surveys can be developed and administered for client organizations.  These surveys demonstrate that organizations values feedback from their people.  It can also pinpoint problem areas or individuals and help organizations implement prompt corrective actions.  As an impartial “third party,” our firm is also able to perform customer surveys that assist organizations in understand their strengths and weaknesses from customers’ point of view.  Survey instruments are tailored to the organizations’ research objectives.  Such customer research can be conducted on an ongoing basis or it can be developed as a specific a project to answer a marketplace questions, such as why repeat sales are diminishing, why a customer chose not to renew a contract or other events about which an organization seeks to find out more information.