Work & People Solutions, Inc.  is a “total solution” management consulting firm offering specialized assessment, customized training, individual and group coaching available to organizations, as well as individuals, seeking to develop their human relations leadership techniques and team building skills.  We also help conceptualize and implement “people strategies” for organizations looking to optimize their human capital, especially during a period of organizational change.



EQ At Work Accreditation

Our firm is an accredited affiliate of the national “EQ At Work” network.  To organizations and individuals using our consulting services, this accreditation and network affiliation brings substantial value in terms of the knowledge, skills and services we can share about how to develop one’s emotional intelligence in the context of managing others.

Tailored Solutions


We lead customized classroom training on a range of human relations issues.


We also provide coaching for specific managers or a group of managers based on their development needs. 


Finally, we offer a program – our “Coaching PRN” Program – that “outsources” the coaching that Human Resources staff may find itself doing for supervisors and managers even when time constraints and other priorities dictate that they pursue other business responsibilities.  Our consulting staff partners with Human Resources professionals to provide the type of coaching guidance and support that is consistent with organizational missions and goals.



Bottom Line Results

Our consulting and training services positively impacts an organization’s “bottom line” in numerous ways. 

Turnover is reduced, because employees are more satisfied with the leadership they receive. 


Distracting conflicts and complaints are minimized, because managers learn empathic skills that both prevent unnecessary conflicts and resolve problems effectively when they occur. 

Business intuition is improved through higher levels of emotional intelligence within the organization, which creates an environment for better decision-making higher morale. In general, managers lead more effectively and employees respond to this leadership with higher levels of productivity.


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Services Offered to Individuals on Self-Referral Basis: Our consultants are also available to individuals who seek to develop their interpersonal management and emotional intelligence skills on their own, rather than under the auspices of their organizations.  Group training and individual coaching is available on a self-referral basis to those who wish to address their “people skills” and emotional intelligence at work and at home. 


"6 Habits of Highly Effective Bosses" training,  etcis offered in the evenings, on weekends and, periodically, through “retreats” over an extended weekend in which participants receive a intensive immersion in this personal and professional development program.