New Book Teaches Managers To Be a Boss “Everyone Admires Most”


The People Management Formula is authored by two prominent management coaches who have helped managers across the country improve their “emotional intelligence” and human relations skills


White Plains, N.Y., Bethlehem, Pa. – January 3, 2003 – Two prominent management coaches have turned their combined 35 years of management training and consulting experience into a new book, The People Management Formula: Six Indispensable Human Relations Practices Used by Bosses Everyone Admires Most.

Stephen Kohn  provides a straightforward, easy-to-read training model to help managers improve crucial interpersonal aspects of leadership. The six human relations practices in The People Management Formula give managers the skills they need to motivate and satisfy employees, while reducing turnover and disputes.

“Research has shown that emotional intelligence and people skills are at least twice as important for managers as are cognitive and technical skills,” Kohn says. “That’s why more and more companies are turning to management coaches to train their managers to gain greater self-mastery and improve their interpersonal communication style.”

“This book captures what we have learned as coaches and presents it in a simple, easy-to-read format,” O’Connell says. “Its short, straightforward approach respects the readers’ busy schedule, providing them with a succinct overview of key people-oriented leadership skills along with methods we use to apply our ‘Formula’ successfully in the workplace.”

The authors promote six practices in The People Management Formula, beginning with three fundamental base skills:

·           Practicing Empathy: Empathy is a crucial critical communication skill of effective management. The more adept managers become at sensing what others are thinking and feeling, they better equipped they are at knowing what message to send and how to frame it.

·           Expanding Self-Awareness. The ability to understand and respond to the unique circumstances of another person comes from a willingness to understand and respond to one’s own needs, motivations, personality, strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and goals. Self-awareness is a subtle but very fundamental trait shared by effective leaders.

·           Following “Golden Rule” Principles: Many religious and philosophical preaching revolve around the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” The same principle applies in organizational management—treating people with respect, fairness and honesty, and embracing diversity creates productive and strong workplace relationships.


The People Management Formula/2



With the first three skills, you can build with the next two skills.

·           Maintaining Proper Boundaries/Setting Appropriate Limits: Managers must maintain appropriate personal boundaries in order to preserve a position of authority.

·           Criticizing Artfully: Criticizing or taking disciplinary action is a key managerial challenge. Managers who maintain a longer-term perspective on their workplace relationships use emotionally intelligent techniques to criticize performance and promote motivation to make needed changes.


Finally, there is the capstone building block to the six practices:

·           Flexing to Different People Styles: Managers must understand the unique characteristics of each employee and know how to communicate effectively with different behavioral styles to achieve management goals.


The People Management Formula is published by iUniverse.


About the Authors

Stephen E. Kohn, based in White Plains, N.Y., is management coach, author and business entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience helping individuals improve their performance in the work setting.  Trained as a social worker, he has applied his skills primarily within the organizational setting, first working with Fortune 500 organizations and later pioneering the concept of providing individualized, management-level interventions to improve organizational performance.  In 2000, Mr. Kohn formed Work and People Solutions, a consulting firm providing specialized assessment, training and management coaching services as a means to help organizations develop their leaders’ emotional intelligence and human relations skills.

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