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Management Coaching as Part of Integrated SOLID People Management Training Initiative

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“Coaching PRN” Program


Management Coaching as Part of Integrated SOLID People Management Training Initiative

Work & People Solutions’ consultants include a group of highly experienced Management Coaches who work with clients both individually and in groups.  Often, individualized coaching is performed as the final component of a comprehensive leadership development initiative that also includes an assessment of clients’ skills and challenges – usually in the form of 360° appraisals – and classroom training on Work & People Solutions’ SOLID People Management Training model. 


Based on the assessments that are performed, Work & People Solutions’ management coaching is provided consistent with the goals of three different types of supportive interventions:


Transformational:  Some managers need to alter their style of leadership in order to maintain their positions or responsibilities.  Typically, individuals receiving this type of coaching are experiencing problems with aspects of their leadership style, problems that have caught the attention of superiors and Human Resources department leaders.  Our coaching teaches skills to helps bring about needed change, especially in areas of “people skills,” communication style, exercising authority and overall emotional intelligence.  The results of this type of coaching are the development of new competencies that manifest themselves in a changed interpersonal style and in improved team or department performance in the manager’s area.


Developmental:  Less experienced managers may need our coaching support and direction as they meet the challenges of new levels of responsibility.  This type of supportive coaching can be achieved through a blend of group and individual methods.  The focus is less on change than on learning the essentials of management and providing support through client’s initial leadership challenges, such as resolving a departmental conflict, coaching a problem employee or providing a critical performance appraisal.



Succession Plan Support:  For managers whose career path is evidently directed toward increasing responsibility and higher executive levels, coaching services can provide individualized attention to skills needed to get to the next level of management.  Better labeled “executive coaching,” this service helps individuals on the “fast track” build emotional intelligence and skills needed in positions involving achieve their anticipated career paths and goals.


Our coaches follow a seven step process aimed at forging a constructive alliance, developing a mutually-agreed upon plan and then executing that plan.  The final steps involve the clients in identifying their natural support systems, as coaching services are tapered and then discontinued.



“Coaching PRN” Program

In medical terminology, PRN is an abbreviation that means “as needed.”  Through our “Coaching PRN” Program, organizations can retain Work & People Solutions’ coaching resources to promote prompt, accessible feedback and guidance for human relations-oriented supervisory challenges that managers face.  This guidance is offered in “real time,” on as “as needed” basis.  Our coaches are available throughout the workday and into the early evening to provide responsive professional coaching input.  When feasible, the manager and the coach may extend their telephonic exchange into a series of in-person, 1:1 sessions either at the worksite or at one of our convenient office locations.


The “Coaching PRN” Program focuses on both short-term and longer term objectives-- is to can also be arranged to work through the challenge/dilemma until a satisfactory resolution is reached.  to discuss issues related to  supervisory/management dilemmas, especially those involving aspects of interpersonal relationships and individual or team rapport-building.  The Program is best implemented as a “refresher training” modality, supporting previous training provided by Work & People Solutions.